Hello, my name is Michaela Amroch aka Miquirizia.

I am a brand and graphic designer:


Hello! My name is Michaela Amroch, aka Miquirizia.

I’m a brand and graphic designer.

Delicious graphic projects

Print and graphic design are what I strive in: brand identity, logo creation, website layouts. I have been in the field for 15 years now, as a junior in advertising agencies and then as a freelancer, working with big and small companies, wineries, restaurants and more. Both in Italy and abroad.

Miquirizia – my brand

I have developed a strong managing experience and effective planning, created detailed projects and setting realistic milestones.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is also essential for long-term success.

Regular updates, progress reports, and seeking feedback at key stages of the project help in aligning the design with the client’s expectations and managing expectations, being receptive to feedback, and adapting to changes are critical skills in the client-designer relationship.

Without forgetting the creative process: layouts for printing products, as well as using web CMS such as WordPress and developing a strong sense of aesthetics thanks to a passion for photography. My passion for languages is what brought me to books and become a graphic designer.

Write at hello@miquirizia.it or call ma at 00393480720149.