Why Work With Me

Branding • Print design • Web design

I am a graphic designer and project manager at heart: in the years I have developed graphic layouts for catalogs, brochures, company profiles and presentations for national and international brands, but also local businesses and small entrepreneurs. Book and layout composition are the pillars of my job: creating engaging and informative booklets and books is my goal. I have worked for furniture brands, companies in the field of medicine and highly technical products, food, wine and tourism. Designing layouts and conveying the message is the key to capturing the essence of the companies I work for.

I have also specialized in the creation of logos and branding, food and wine labels, graphics for events and showrooms, and lastly layouts for social networks, banners and digital design.

“Michaela has the ability to understand people right away and lead them in transforming their ideas into evocative and exciting images. Her work is always meticulously detailed, full of personality and that touch of attention that makes all the difference. Many clients and colleagues have complimented my corporate image over the years, which Michaela has designed and updated as my business has evolved. One of the best investments I have ever made for my business!”

Silvia Baldi - Instructional Designer

“I opened an Agritourism with accommodations and did not know who I was. I needed to recognize my professional identity and make it public through logo, website, brochures, labels etc. She created the necessary package to express to everyone who I am and what I propose. She is still doing this now, I am constantly evolving and she is the link between me and my potential guests.
She is a very human person, imaginative but concrete in solving problems related to project implementation!”

Emma De Meneghi - Country house owner

“Our collaboration with Michaela grew day by day to an excellent level of understanding! We were able to find a person capable of listening, willing to learn, and of great professionalism. She was able to support Techem in multiple situations, both in digital and traditional communication: in a short time we were able to develop, together, a brand-identifying and complete sales support communication, both from a technical and commercial point of view.”

Carlotta Capurro - Marketing Manager